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For over 80 years, our association has been the voice for the Kentucky oil and gas industry. As someone with a vested interest in the continued prosperity of the oil and gas business in Kentucky, I would like to encourage you to become a part of the Kentucky Oil & Gas Association.

Being a member of KOGA has numerous benefits:

  • Information and assistance on important deadlines and requirements.
  • Contacts through our membership directory that is always current.
  • Resource Materials that keep you up to date on federal environmental regulations, Quad Oa, UIC regulations, SPCC, RCRA, CERCLA, TSCA, OSHA, SARA Title III.
  • The Gathering Line newsletter exclusively for members containing valuable industry and Association industry news.
  • The American Oil & Gas Reporter available at a special KOGA rate.
  • Representation in Frankfort - KOGA will not only keep you informed but serve as one unified voice for the industry.
  • Annual meetings attended by hundreds of business associates, as well as quarterly and regional vice presidents' meetings held throughout the state for member convenience featuring up-to-date industry topics and opportunities for exhibiting your company’s product and/or service.
  • Service opportunities by serving on a committee and/or the Board of Directors.
  • Calendars of seminar and workshops held throughout the U.S. on oil and gas related matters.
  • Health Insurance for you and your employees. Members have been able to obtain lower rates by joining our insurance program.
  • Advertising for your company, service and/or product. KOGA members receive special advertising rates to reach hundreds of individuals and companies in the oil and gas industry. You can advertise in our newsletter and on our website.
  • Our office is located in Frankfort, Kentucky putting us in the heart of the political arena for Kentucky. KOGA is very active on the legislative front for the oil and gas industry. This past legislative session we successfully passed two bills, a permit extension and a pooling order bill. 

In addition to our many benefits, our association also offers a BITCO safety group dividend plan for property and casualty insurance, computer services, retirement plans, bankcard processing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us call at 502-226-1955. We look forward to welcoming you to our association!


The Kentucky Oil & Gas Association  offers a health insurance program for our members. Through this program, our membership is able to obtain lower rates for health insurance. 

We joined the Impact Mining Trust Plan, an already existing health insurance plan among the coal associations in Kentucky. 

Dental and vision plans are also available through this coverage. Unfortunately, at the present time the health care program will not cover attorneys or out-of-state members. Members who operate out-of-state but have offices in Kentucky may be eligible.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this member benefit, please contact KOGA's Insurance Agent:

The agents for the IMPACT-Coal Trust are as follows:

Phil Brown Insurance Agency, Inc.:

Phil Brown
Scott Brown
Laura Medford
Fax 502-327-6970
Click here for more information on the plan.

Maverick Insurance:
Duran Hall


As an added benefit to your KOGA membership, you may be eligible to participate in the Safety Group Dividend Plan endorsed by the Kentucky Oil & Gas Association and BITCO Insurance Companies.  Check out the following highlights, then call for all the details.

•  BITCO broad coverage including property, inland marine, general & pollution liability and commercial auto.
•  Competitive rates, particularly for general & pollution liability coverage.
•  Local claims service.
•  And, because of the historical quality of the group loss experience, the possibility of a dividend each year.

BITCO offers customized programs for:

•  Oil or Gas Lease Operators
•  Oil Lease Contractors
•  Well Servicing Contractors
•  Drillers

If you are interested in what customized programs BITCO can offer you and your company, call the KOGA office at 502-226-1955 and we’ll put you in touch with a local agent, or call one of the BITCO 

Branch Offices:
Indianapolis Branch                                                          1-800-382-9991
Nashville Branch                                                              1-800-342-5786
Pittsburgh Branch                                                             1-800-253-1232
St. Louis Branch                                                               1-800-723-8632
Duran Hall (Maverick Insurance)   1-502-855-3680
Nicole Geiger Welden (Vaughn, Geiger & Associates)   1-270-389-1333

You can also check out their website at