Board of Directors

Executive Committee:

President Maurice Royster
EQT Corporation
P: (423) 926-2536
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President Elect Mark Hughes
Hughes Land, LLC
P: (270) 869-0067
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Treasurer Lauren Slone
Quality Natural Gas, LLC
P: (606) 874-8041
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Immediate Past President Rudy Vogt
Cumberland Valley Resources, LLC
P: (502) 479-9056
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Bill Barr
Black Ridge Resource Partners
P: (859) 246-3200
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Jason Bentley
MML&K Government Solutions
P: (502) 875-1176
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Maverick Bentley
EQT Production Company
P: (606) 433-2927
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Wesley Cate
Fireborn Energy
P: (606) 679-8591
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Mike Conley
KRCC Oil & Gas, LLC
P: (606) 439-4518
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Stacee Dover
CountryMark Refining and Logistics, LLC
P: (812) 838-8135
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Mike Gibbons
CountryMark Energy Resources
P: (812) 759-6970
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Will Graham
Cumberland Valley Resources, LLC
P: (502) 227-4415
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Jessica Greathouse
Chesapeake Energy
P: (304) 353-5240
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Karen Greenwell
Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs, LLP
P: (859) 233-2012
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Nan Hamilton
Stand Energy Corp.
P: (513) 621-1113
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John Henderson
Stoll Keenon Ogden PLLC
P: (812) 759-3800
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Derek Hina
Universal Well Service
P: (606) 874-4387
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Jerry Howard
Boss Cementing
P: (270) 826 -7400
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Zachary Hughes
Hughes Land, LLC
P: (270) 869-0067
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Doug Hyden
Clean Gas Processing
P: (606) 874-8041
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Virginia (GiGi) Lazenby
Bretagne, LLC
P: (615) 244-7846
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Mark Pierce
Nytis Exploration Company, LLC
P: (859) 299-07710
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Bryan Reynolds
Sullivan Mountjoy Stainback & Miller
P: (270) 926-4000
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Bobby Short
United American Energy
P: (606) 726-012
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Mike Wallen
Magnum Hunter Production
P: (859) 263-3948
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Jed Weinberg
Clean Gas Inc.
P: (606) 785-0761
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J. Kevin West
Steptoe & Johnson PLLC.
P: (614) 458-9889
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Krista Johnson
Cimarex Energy Co.
P: (303) 285-4964
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Past President Council Representative
Bill Daugherty
BlackRidge Resource Partners
P: (859) 246-3201
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